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Pictures, designs, logos, arguments of sales and of presentation, thematic ranges, products, proposal of themes, concept and matrix of ACMODE website deposited by Bettina LISSAGUE and ACMODE




All the visual creations and the concepts
Developed and proposed


Are the fruit of a work of creativity and reflexion

All these designs and original concepts 

are copyright and protected

in France, Europe

and  in all the countries having signed and signing

the Berne convention




The originality and our creativity are our spearheads

to propose you

design, pictures, ranges and unpublished concepts

The  originality attracts the certified true copy or the inspiration,

certain private persons,

marketing departments,

style offices or design offices of small or big companies

without any inspiration

allow themselves

to get inspiration or to fully copy

A lack of professional ethics

Thinking law will not touch them

due to their statute, the size of their group or company

or due to their supports in high levels of our society



The certified true copy even an inspiration harming his creator is a rape of intellectual property

Punished by the Law
The law who notices the violation of creation
The counterfeiting
The associated damages and compensation




Si un de nos clients ou partenaires

 se voit copier une création visuelle ou un concept

lui ayant été préalablement proposé contractuellement par ACMODE

If one of our customers or partners
has any counterfeiting on an ACMODE creation


He can issue a writ against the counterfeiter

For violation of the intellectual property

and use the Law

to demand compensation for established damage


ACMODE will supply them

 all documents

necessary for

the constitution of its legal file

the restoring of its good rights

the  Condemnation by the Courts of the counterfeiter

to repair all the caused damages

ACMODE has furthermore

one external legal department

specialized in all the matters around intellectual property 

used to long and complicated trials


will not hesitate

to assign in front of a Court

any group, company or person

whoever they can be

private or professional

that think they are authorized be counterfeiter 

or to get inspiration 

from ACMODE creations or concepts